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Still Life Series #5

This is the last of the still life series with coffee and sunflowers. For this one, I put a painting/collage behind the still life set up and like how the figures in the background almost look like you are sitting in a cafe and watching people out the window. I will use this idea again as it solves the question of what to put back there!  I learned that the more you paint something the drawing becomes easier and ideas come faster on new ways to handle the subject.

FullSizeRender (3)

Still Life #4 in Series

FullSizeRenderThe objects are getting to be more familiar to me and I am seeing the spaces I want to create and the different diagonals. I like this grouping of objects. It spells comfort to me with old pieces of pottery that I’ve had for many years and the good coffee that came as a gift.  This is a 5×7 inch acrylic painting done from life.


I tried to add a photo (top) from my phone because it is so much more like the original painting. Instead of deleting the bottom photo, I want to share how important it is to upload a great photo.  The vibrancy is amazing in the top, which is actually how the painting looks.

Interior with Flowers



This week’s Daily Paintworks challenge is to paint an interior. This was from a photo I took of fresh flowers in front of a painting. It is 8×10, acrylic on stretched canvas. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, here’s the link to the auction: