German Short Haired Pointer


This is a commission I painted today from a photo. It is 11×14 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas. He is such a handsome dog and I loved painting him! 


Citrus Still Life

This still life is 5×7 inches, acrylic on canvas. It will be auctioned at Daily Paintworks beginning February 12 for one week. 


Another Day Another Dog

I love capturing the expressions on dogs and am trying to go further into abstracting them.  I’ll keep going with this from time to time. How to abstract a curly, soft haired dog?  Without it turning into a cartoon?  That is a challenge—I will try just making bigger shapes for light and dark next time. For now, I think he’s awfully cute.


One Stroke Challenge

This week’s Daily Paintwork’s challenge is a one stroke challenge, meaning put down one stroke of color, then move on to a different color/value.  Most important is getting the value correct.  It was a challenge at first to not settle into a color I liked and keep going with it for a bit.  I loved this challenge and learned a lot from it.  Here’s a photo of my still life set up as well as the painting. It is 5×7 inch acrylic on watercolor paper, beginning auction at DPW Feb. 4 for one week, if you’d like to bid:


Snow on Madison

I’m still intrigued with getting an interesting snow painting. This week’s Daily Paintworks challenge is to paint snow. This painting was done from a photo I took last week just as snow was imminent. The photo was basically all grey and the houses were pretty dull, too.  I wanted to add color without taking away the snowy atmosphere.  Mostly, I brightened everything with some more color than it appeared was there.  I’m happy with this snow scene.It’s being auctioned at DPW. If you are interested, here’s the link:



Snow landscape

For this week’s Daily Paintworks challenge I painted a landscape with snow. Without sun, on close observation, there was still a glow on the snow and it had color in it.  Mostly, the sky was gray and the sun was hiding and not casting shadows.  This painting is 8×10 acrylic on stretched canvas, available at auction at DPW here:


Cat Painting



This is an 8×10 acrylic on stretched canvas painted in response to Daily Paintworks’s challenge this week to use some color in a black and white photo of this cat.  The colors I used are cad red light, quinacridone red, cad yellow, white and black.  This can definitely be approached another way. The values need to be right but it can be any color.  Try for yourself and have fun. 

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